Kelly's feline behavioral consultation was worth its weight in gold! I learned more about cats in 30 minutes than I had read online in years.


I was so incredibly impressed with the information we got, it's hard to put into words.


Our cats now get along WAY better. Everyone is much happier, cats and people. We have learned so much, too.

Our cat Sheba ran away. We searched for hours and couldn’t find her and thought she was gone forever. 3 days later we called Kelly. She came with her tools (including high-powered flashlights and voice amplifiers) and a plan (to search every nook and crevice in a 250 foot radius). After searching our neighbors’ yards, we went into the woods near our house and heard what we thought was her meow. Kelly’s device confirmed it and Sheba eventually came out of a thick brush to us. Thank you so much, Kelly!!!!

— Alexander C.

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Kelly of Best Behavior Cats is a MIRACLE WORKER! My 2 cats and I could not have survived the past 4-5 months without her. Last Oct/Nov, after the smoke alarm went off, my cat #1 started viciously attacking cat #2. (They are littermates, 3.5 years old at the time, and had always been best buds.) Cat #2 was so terrified, he peed all over himself, pooped right in front of me, and another time peed while running for dear life as cat #1 was chasing him. This happened on multiple occasions, more and more frequently, until the periods of peace/reconciliation disappeared completely. Then enters Kelly Myers of Best Behavior Cats into the picture (who I was referred to by my vet.) Over the course of 4-5 monthly visits from Kelly, my cats are finally back together. (By the way, I know someone else who told me that her cats fought for 3 years before they finally started getting along. That's because they didn't call Kelly!) One of the best things about Kelly's cat behavior services is that she includes e-mail Q&A / feedback / advice for 30 days following an in-person visit, which is huge(ly valuable)! Plus, she comes to your home so she can observe and interact with the cats in person. After each in-home visit, she writes up a detailed report with the actions for the next month and also sends a copy to your vet. My vet told me that she was very impressed by the reports that Kelly was sending her for my cats. Kelly is also very flexible (and reliable). She always arrived at my house exactly on time. Other times, when I wanted an appointment, but her online scheduler said she didn't have the date(s) I wanted available, she rearranged her schedule to be able to make it. I HIGHLY recommend Kelly and am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for her help the past 5 months. THANK YOU KELLY!!!

— Irene A.