Alternatives to Declawing

Full disclosure: I grew up with two declawed cats before we knew it was a painful amputation procedure. My parents thought that was the safest way to protect us from scratches. Now my family knows that this surgery is unnecessary and can lead to other physical problems in many cats. For more information on the downsides of declawing, visit

Scratching is a natural part of cat life, and something that cannot be trained out of them. Cats scratch to release energy, groom their claws, leave their scent mark, and stretch. I've even seen declawed cats still try to exhibit scratching behavior. It would be unethical to try to extinguish the natural urge to scratch, however we can create solutions that work for both you and your cat.

But what do you do when the cat is destroying the furniture?!

I can work with your cat to:

  • Have fear free, routine nail trims.

  • Determine their favorite kind of scratching post, and direct them there!

  • Stop (or don't start) clawing the furniture, walls, drapes ... you name it!

  • Play gently with you and your kids.

Price Match Guarantee!

I highly recommend you go to a Fear Free Certified Vet that doesn't offer declawing.


However, if you have an estimate for your cat's potential declawing, I will beat or match that price in behavior fees for scratching. You -- and your cat --  have nothing to lose!