If only I could change my cat's one behavior...

  • Waking you up early

  • Knocking things off shelves

  • Counter surfing

  • Inappropriate scratching

  • Begging

  • Bolting out the door

  • Attacking your feet

  • Drinking from the faucet/playing in the sink

  • You name it!

You love your cat dearly. If they could stop that one little problem behavior they would be perfect! We cannot change your cat's personality or basic needs (sorry, that litter box needs to be scooped daily). But we CAN change an annoying behavior. Using a functional assessment and intervention design tool, I can help you extinguish an undesirable behavior and train a replacement behavior.

What to Expect:

  1. A thorough questionnaire on one specific cat behavior. Get started here.

  2. A routine of keeping track of your cat's old and new behavior for follow ups.

  3. A time commitment of 30 minutes a day to work with your cat or a financial commitment to a Best Behavior training package (you don't have to be home for this!).

  4. Patience with the process and a potential change in your behavior, too!

Cat on Counter
Case Study: Bailey

Bailey is a senior cat and a classic case of "tortie-tude!" Fortunately, her guardians found the demands of their curmudgeonly cat endearing. That's a good thing because we can't change a cat's personality, just like we couldn't change your personality or mine. The one thing that needed to be changed, however, was Bailey's resistance to nail trimming. Not only did her swats for attention hurt her guardians, but the overgrown nails affected her gait and arthritis.

Bailey was a highly food-motivated cat. Using Fear Free techniques, I trained her to offer her paw in exchange for her favorite "squeeze up" treats. I gave her the choice of nail clippers or a nail grinder. While she desensitized to both, she preferred the nail grinder. Now Bailey practices giving her paw every evening and has stress-free nail trims at home. She's working on generalizing this skill to the vet's office to help with blood draws, too!