Yes you can clicker train a cat!

It's not just for dogs anymore. If your cat loves food, your cat is trainable. And the best part is you can replace your spray bottle with positive reinforcement! My feline clients love clicker training time and come running when they hear the treat bag and clicker being prepared. We can train your cat to:

  • Sit

  • Spin

  • Shake hands (offer for nail trims!)

  • Rub their face on a tooth brush target

  • Go in the carrier on command

  • Go to place/mat

  • And more!

2019-11-05 09.31.45-1.jpg

Clicker training is the proactive way to teach your cat manners. It's never too late to start. I've clicker trained cats as distinguished as 15 years old. Still not convinced? Check out my videos and online carrier training course.