Carrier Train Your Cat


Self Paced


Teach your cat to voluntarily go in the carrier!


Do you have to wrestle your cat into the carrier when it's time to go to the vet? How would you get your cat out of the house in an emergency? At the very least this is stressful, at worst someone gets injured. This course teaches you how to use positive reinforcement methods to get your cat to voluntarily walk into the carrier on cue. You also bond with your cat and start learning clicker training so you can teach more skills on your training journey!

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Ethical Cat Toy Class

K.A.T. Cafe

November 15


Come learn how to make enriching yet ethical cat toys for your kitty! Don't have a kitty? That's ok! We will donate the extra toys to the Frederick County Animal Control. Feline Behaviorist, Kelly Myers, is thrilled to be teaching this class.

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