Bark- and Meow- Mitzvah Officiant



Interfaith Animal Blessing


$150 Virtual or In-Person

Whether you need a private animal blessing or one for your place of worship, it is my honor to bless your companion animals. This can be tailored to your spiritual beliefs as needed. For private blessings, I'm happy to incorporate intimate details of your companion animal's unique life and personality into the ritual.

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Bearing Witness

Sliding Scale

For many of us the unfortunate day comes all too soon when we have to decide if life is comfortable enough for our companion animal to continue living. No one should have to face this alone, unless that is what they want. When it is time to say goodbye, we sometimes need a chaplain present just like we would if a human family member passes. I can join you for this sacred experience either at your home or veterinarian's office . Please confirm with your veterinarian that a second witness is in line with their COVID practices. Optional elements include:

  • Spray smudging (smoke may irritate the animal and isn't allowed at the vet)

  • Praying and/or chanting

  • Animal blessing

  • Song (leading you in song or playing your pre-selected music)

  • Battery operated candles

  • Transportation to the veterinarian so you don't have to drive while emotional and you can sit with your animal



Not everyone understands the grief of losing a companion animal. Join this online group of animal lovers who understand and are going through the same loss. This interfaith group is open to all, including non-religious folks. You may join us at any time in your grieving, including anticipatory grief of an animal in palliative care. This group is not limited to cat and dog guardians, as we can bond with any species. You are welcome here.

This group is free of charge. If you feel moved to provide compensation, please donate to my congregation at

Educational Training for Businesses

Group training to enhance your customer service

A 30-60 minute training classes to your staff and/or volunteers on:

  • Fear Free practices and certification

  • How products you already sell can address cat behavior issues

  • How to make your business more cat friendly

  • And more, just ask!

Your business will be listed on this site and promoted on social media as a Best Behavior trained business partner. You'll have an even more knowledgeable staff that can boost sales of cat products with scientifically sourced knowledge plus a new mutually beneficial small business relationship. E-mail me to discuss how we can support each other at little to no cost.


Behavior Assistance for Rescue Organizations

Let's get those cats adopted!

I am happy to offer low/no cost help to 501(c)3 rescue organizations including:

  • Clicker training adoptable cats to approach and high five adopters

  • Desensitizing adoptable cats to nail trimming so they can keep their claws

  • In-home consultations for high maintenance adoptions

  • Kitten Kindergarten classes at your location

  • Volunteer training classes

  • And more, just ask!

$150 Virtual or In-person

A healthy, happy senior companion animal calls for a celebration! Make your Bark- or Meow-Mitzvah official with a blessing and certificate from an interfaith animal chaplain. Traditionally girls are Mitzvah'ed at 14 years old and boys at 13 years old. But no animal is too young or too old for this coming of age ceremony.

Tips to Make the Most of your Bark- or Meow Mitzvah:

  • "I love the taste of Maneshewitz," said no one ever. Try kicking it up a notch with this Manischewitz sangria recipe.

  • If your party is around Hanukkah, or just to have fun, Notso Kitty makes bow ties and catnip kickers with dreidel printed fabric.

  • Don't forget your community service project! Ask attendees to bring cat and dog supplies to donate to a local shelter.

  • A DIY bagel bar with toppings (avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Check for food sensitivities and options in advance. And some plain lox for your feline celebrant!

  • No Mitzvah is complete without an official certificate signed by a certified animal chaplain. This is complementary with the package. Or, if you just need the certificate, download one here.

Cat Feeding

At Home Kits

Affordable solutions for the ultimate DIY-er

My At Home Kits are the next best thing to having a behavior session. The kits tackle everything from litter box issues to traveling to the vet at a fraction of the price of a behavior session. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back because I'm always adding new classes and downloads!