Meet Kelly ...

Kelly C. Myers, MS, UW-AAB, FFCP (Trainer)

Kelly (she/her) has been a professional companion animal care provider and small business owner since 2010. Frustrated with the tidal wave of requests her companion animal care business received to re-home cats with preventable behavior problems, Kelly studied cat behavior to save cats from surrender, displacement, and declawing.

Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Shepherd University, a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University, and a Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington. 

Kelly is a professional member of the Pet Professional Guild, a certified Fear Free professional, and a Dognostics Collaborative Care Provider, adhering to their principles of exclusively providing force free solutions to animal behavior. Kelly is certified by Mission Reunite and trained by the Missing Animal Response Network as a Missing Pet Consultant.

Tending to both cats and our spiritual connection with them, Kelly is a certified Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry Chaplain designated to Sugarloaf Congregation of Unitarian Universalists.


About the logo

I created the Best Behavior logo with a great deal of intention. I chose a color palette reminiscent of Tibetan Buddhist monastics, as this is my epitome of peace. This is something all people and cats can use a little more of. The circle around the cat's happy face is a "zen circle", often painted as a meditative practice. An incomplete zen circle, such as the one in this logo, allows for the perfection of imperfect things. I hope this symbolism reminds us that we are all perfectly imperfect sentient beings, your cats included! There is no such thing as the perfect cat, but there is your cat's perfect for right now. Let's find that together.

Client Testimonials

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