Adoptable Kittens!

One of my clients is fostering these four kittens and we're happy to confirm they are even more adorable in person! If you have room in your heart and your home please consider adopting one or two from the Animal Rescue League (next to Central Dawgma). They are two sibling pairs, but don't have to be adopted together:

Penny, 5 months old, such a sweet girl! Loves to roam the house but don’t let that fool you, she loves to play and throw her stuffed animals around. Hasn’t been around Small children or dogs but has been around other cats.

Piper, 5 months old, super loving and playful girl! Loves to play in water but also loves to lay around with her siblings or foster parents. Smallest of the bunch but loves to eat. Hasn’t been around dogs or small children but has been around other cats.

Chance, 4 months old, very friendly and playful boy. Loves to run around with his siblings and likes to explore. Will meow at you to be picked up or hugged. Has been around other cats but not dogs or young children.

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