K.A.T. Café Grand Opening

On Sunday I had the honor of attending the K.A.T. Cafe grand opening at 26 W Main St in New Market. The café houses 15 adoptable cats from Frederick County Animal Control. While the cats eat traditional cat food, people have the option of ordering from a vegan menu of hot and cold beverages, snacks, and a salad prepared by Hippy Chick Hummus. For dessert, Sage Cakery provides an array of cookies all made without eggs or dairy.

But who am I kidding, the main reason to go to the K.A.T. Cafe is to meet these awesome cats! Communally housing 15 cats is no small feat, and I was happy to help with the transition plan. Additionally, I presented a one hour training to the staff on cat behavior. Here's some of the highlights from the cafe's first week:

Scootie had a few constructive criticisms for my transition plan. She was pretty intimidated by the new space, so she got her own private transition from the powder room into the larger cafe space. By the grand opening she was greeting everyone with a friendly tail up!

Cali has already had a behavior session with me and a potential adopter! Unfortunately, it's not a good time for the would-be adopter to bring her home. But I can tell you that Cali is a super sweet, calm girl who should do well with other cats in her forever home.

Emmy gave us a little scare when she lost her appetite. She had a check up right away with the vet and it turns out she had a UTI. She's feeling much better and is ready for her forever home. P.S. Check out this proud cat guardian wearing his Best Behavior sticker!

And who can forget Carl? He is so ridiculous. This social and energetic boy didn't pace himself for all the attention he got at the grand opening. He slowly started to show signs of crankiness, which we easily redirected toward a toy, before hiding under a blanket. Oh Carl!

And finally, my little helper Oscar was so sweet that I almost had to apply to adopt him! He latched onto me as soon as I set up my table and enjoyed quietly sharing his window seat with me. Oscar also thinks the hummus and salad smell delicious, but it's against the rules to give people food to the cafe cats.

These are just a snapshot of the personalities you can meet and apply on at the K.A.T. Cafe! Don't forget, walk ins are welcome but reservations are strongly encouraged.

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