Why Won't My Cat Use Their Scratching Post?

As you might gather, I have a lot of scratchers in my house: vertical, horizontal, cardboard, sisal, carpet ... Imagine my surprise the other night when our youngest cat scratched our carpet! In my mind, I had done everything right. There were ample appropriate scratching surfaces to choose from, including a cardboard scratcher mere centimeters from the site of the incident. What the heck?

I really wish I was making this up, but the problem was ... I had put a triangle scratcher in her spot and she prefers rectangle scratchers. I'm kitten you not! The simple switch of a rectangle scratcher for the triangle scratcher solved the problem immediately. This points to a much larger issue: cats have their own preferences that can often be unpredictable!

Fear not, Best Behavior has a solution for you in the form of the Scratcher Cafeteria Kit. This DIY printable walks you through a few weeks of "asking" what your cat wants in a scratching post by scientifically isolating one variable at a time. The instructions are so easy to follow that you can even give this to your kids to complete so they have experience tallying and analyzing the data!

What if my cat doesn't scratch?

They're lying to you. All cats scratch, and it is an important part of their daily activities. Scratching stretches their muscles, trims their claws, and marks their territory with their scent. If your cat isn't scratching, or scratches inappropriately, download the Scratcher Cafeteria Kit or give me a meow!

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