In-home Behavior Sessions for Cat Guardians

Private Sessions for You & Your Cat(s)

Initial Session $99
Free email follow ups for 30 days.

Includes an hour discussion in your home, welcome folder with two toys, and a detailed write up of recommendations sent to you and your veterinarian's office. Many questions can be answered and some problems solved in one session, but most will require follow up sessions.


Follow Up Session $75

Free email follow ups for 30 days.

Booked within 30 days of your initial session, this is where we check your progress, go over your next steps, and answer any questions that developed.

Training Package $250 Per Week

4 training sessions a week

Short on time and just want the problem fixed? Purchase a training package and I can do the hands on work for you. You don't even have to be home! Great for carrier/car ride training, cat introductions, harness training, litter box issues, and more!

Includes travel of up to 20 miles.
$15 for 21-30 miles

$30 for 31-40 miles

$45 for 41-50 miles

Educational Training for Businesses

Group training to enhance your customer service

A 30-60 minute training classes to your staff and/or volunteers on:

  • Fear Free practices and certification

  • How products you already sell can address cat behavior issues

  • How to make your business more cat friendly

  • And more, just ask!

Your business will be listed on this site and promoted on social media as a Best Behavior trained business partner. You'll have an even more knowledgeable staff that can boost sales of cat products with scientifically sourced knowledge plus a new mutually beneficial small business relationship. E-mail me to discuss how we can support each other at little to no cost.

Behavior Assistance for Rescue Organizations

Let's get those cats adopted!

I am happy to offer low/no cost help to 501(c)3 rescue organizations including:

  • Clicker training adoptable cats to approach and high five adopters

  • Desensitizing adoptable cats to nail trimming so they can keep their claws

  • In-home consultations for high maintenance adoptions

  • Kitten Kindergarten classes at your location

  • Volunteer training classes

  • And more, just ask!

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Cat Behavior & Missing Cat Consulting from Germantown, MD

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